Drs. Kimberly Wiley & Sarah Young: Erased, A Collective Call to Action

In February 2021, Drs. Sarah Young and Kimberly Wiley called on the discipline of Public Affairs to take a stand against faculty sexual misconduct in, "Erased: Why Faculty Sexual Misconduct is Prevalent and How We Could Prevent It" published in the Journal of Public Affairs Education. Academic associations in PA rapidly responded by publishing a Letter to the Discipline, an abridged version of Erased, across the field's journals and social media platforms. The platforms where you may find the letter are listed and linked below.

Kimberly Wiley, PhD Assistant Professor,

Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

University of Florida

Sarah Young, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Administration & Director of Research for the KSU CARES Programs, School of Government International Affairs, Kennesaw State University

Resources for Making Change on Your Campus

Sarah and I talk with Bruce McDonald, host of Academics of PA, about the scope of faculty sexual misconduct and what we can do together to combat it.

Checklist for action for combatting faculty sexual misconduct in your department, association, or university.

Invited Talks and Interview

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“Erased: Addressing the epidemic of faculty sexual misconduct” Invited guest speaker. Korean Association for Public Administration Annual International Conference. Invited guest speaker. (Virtual: June 2021). Co-author Sarah Young.

“Erased: Addressing the epidemic of faculty sexual misconduct” Invited talk. The University of Texas – Dallas. (Virtual: March 2021). Co-author Sarah Young.

"Putting #MeTook Recommendations into Practice." Invited Talk. Initiative for Gender Equity in the Public Sector and ASPA Section on Women in Public Administraiton. (Virtual: March 2022). Co-author Sarah Young

"The Power Imbalance and Its Abuse in Public Affairs Academia." Invited talk. NASPAA. (Virtual: October 2021). Co-author Sarah Young.

Full and Abridged Versions of Erased in Peer-reviewed Journals