Kimberly Wiley, PhD: Researching Nonprofits

Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Sciences

Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

University of Florida

Comprehensive list of publications

Strengthening Nonprofits in Crisis

Beginning in 2015, the state of Illinois did not pass a state budget for 736 days. Many nonprofits with state contracts did not get paid during this period, even though they still were contractually obligated to deliver services to the public. Drs. Kimberly Wiley, Elizabeth Searing, and Sarah Young spoke with 31 human service nonprofits how they survived the Illinois budget impasse. We explored the effects of this event on nonprofit organizations through the lens of public policy and public administration.


2022 Best Paper Award, American Society of Public Administrators, Section on Nonprofits for Resiliency Tactics during Financial Crisis: The Nonprofit Resiliency Framework

Papers and Chapter

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Invited Talks

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Strengthening Nonprofits Serving People in Crisis


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