Kimberly Wiley, PhD: Teaching about Nonprofits

Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Sciences

Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

University of Florida

Through my classroom and research lab, I prepare students to engage with and enhance their communities through the vehicle of nonprofit organizations.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Podcasting in the Nonprofit Classroom

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020 caused universities, professors, and students to adjust both instruction and learning techniques. Undergraduate college enrollment unexpectedly shifted from face-to-face instruction to remote learning. Podcasts show promise in helping expand the confines of the classroom with their feasibility to execute quality learning experiences. For podcasting as a teaching tool to be effective, students must perceive podcasts as interactive tools helpful to their academic performance. In this study, we test the acceptance and usability of podcasts in the nonprofit management classroom.

Research Collaborator: Michelle Gribbons, University of Illinois Springfield

Funded by: UF College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Distance Education Grant

Nonprofit and Public Administration Courses Taught

University of Florida

Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences (Assistant Professor, 2019-Present)

Organizational Leadership in Nonprofits (FYC 4408)

Working with Nonprofits in Community Settings (FYC 4409)

Nonprofit Human Resource Management (FYC 4428)

Program Planning and Evaluation in Family, Youth, and Community Settings (FCY 4622)

University of Illinois Springfield

Department of Public Administration (Assistant Professor, 2016-2019)

Introduction to the Profession (PAD 501)

Organization Dynamics (PAD 502)

Program Evaluation (PAD 533)

Nonprofit Sector and Society (PAD 542)

Grant Writing and Management (PAD 590)

State and Local Community Development (PAD 432)

Florida State University

Askew School of Public Administration and Policy (Instructor, 2013-2016)

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation University (PAD 4936)

Confronting Gender-based Violence in the United States (PAD 4936)

Public Administration in Society (PAD 3003)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Wiley, K. and K. Hott. (2020). Lost in Translation? Critical Pedagogy in the Online Classroom. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. 10(3), 246-261.

Wiley, K. (2019). Book Review: Leading in place: Leadership through different eyes. Journal of Public Affairs Education. 26(1), 117-118.

Wiley, K. and F. Berry. (2015). Teaching Social Entrepreneurship in Public Affairs Programs: A Review of Social Entrepreneurship Courses in the Top 30 U. S. Public Administration and Affairs Programs. Journal of Public Affairs Education. 21(3), 381-400.

Teaching Honors and Funding Awards

Distance Education Grant, College Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Florida.

Burks Oakley II Distinguished Online Teaching Award, University of Illinois Springfield, 2019

Research Fellow Center for Online Learning, Research and Service; University of Illinois Springfield, 2017- 2019